When my son, Justin was 8 he was matched to a big brother named Luke Wells. The two of them were so like, it sometimes gave me deja vu as to what my son would be like as a grown up. After being matched for about 10 months Luke had to move. Justin and Luke have kept in touch over the years and Justin has even been able to visit Luke on occasion. Sometimes Luke would drive half way and I would drive half way and he would take Justin home for the weekend and then we would meet again on Sunday for me to pick Justin up and bring him home. More recently Justin was able to take the Greyhound Bus.

One day Justin and I were playing a game of –  if we won the lottery and could go anywhere in the world where would that be  – I said Africa or New York. Of all the places in the world he could visit, my son only wanted to go to be with his former Big Brother.

Justin thankfully has had a new Big Brother for two years now and they have a great relationship as well. I am so very thankful that my son has two big brothers in which to look up to and I am especially thankful that Luke has chosen to remain a part of Justin’s life.

This organization completely warms my heart.