In School Mentor Match Activity Guide

This Guide was created to inspire In School Mentors and provide them with a number of activities that Mentors can use throughout the school year. All discussions and activities are optional, and Mentors are encouraged to mix and match discussion topics and activities to best suit their match interests.

September: Settling In
1: Meet Your Mentor
2: Personal Values

3: My Heroes
4: Self Esteem

October: Working Together
1: Friendship
2: Positive Communication
3: Problem Solving
4: Good Decisions

November: Caring for Ourselves
1: Internet Safety
2: Personal Health
3: Self Respect
4: Nutrition

December: The World Around Us
1: Current Events
2: Great Inventions
3: My Family
4: Discrimination

January: Planning Ahead
1:What Do I Want To Be
2: Looking For A Job
3: Embracing Our Differences
4: Secret Agent Day

February: The Future Awaits
1: Money Management
2: Healthy Relationships
3: Post Secondary Education
4: Time Management

March: Staying True To Ourselves
1: Peer Pressure
2: Bullying
3: Dare To Be Different
4: Stress Management

April: Improving Ourselves
1: Self Improvement
2: Critical Thinking
3: Setting Goals
4: Conflict Resolution

May: Out On A Limb Trying New Things
1: Life Lessons
2: Trying New Things
3: Literacy
4: Safety

June: Wrapping Up The School Year
1: Making Memories
2: What We Have Learned
3: Celebrity For a Day
4: A Time For Reflection